Elementary OS Installation Guide

Thanks for choosing Elementary OS. Here you learn how to install Elementary OS in your computer/laptop. 

Make sure your Computer/Laptop's DVD drive working fine.

Now you find out which key responsible for boot menu from here.

Normally boot menu key is F10/F12/Esc. may be it different so please ensure via the above-given link. If you still not found boot menu key then please mail us at info@linuxpurchase.com 

Follow below steps to install Elementary OS in your system :

  1. Insert Elementary OS DVD in DVD Drive.
  2. Power on your system and press boot menu key.
  3. Now system gives you various options to boot your computer.
  4. Choose your DVD Drive for the boot process.
  5. Now System booting from Elementary OS DVD.
  6. System Ask for Try Elementary OS OR Install Elementary OS option. Choose Try Elementary OS.
  7. After some process, A desktop view appears on your screen.
  8. Now you enjoy Elementary OS without installing.
  9. If you want to install then Click on Install icon which appears on the desktop and follow onscreen instructions.